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About the author of "Voice of the Voiceless" - Seram Neken

Seram Neken worked in a Manipur News English daily as sub-editor from 1994 to 1997. He was the editor of 'Echo', a quarterly journal of MUSU during 1997-1998. He also worked in the AIDS Control Society, MACS, from 1999-2008. His earlier book (first book from him) "State, Society & Governance" ( a compilation of 50 articles) was published in March 2012. The present work "Voice of the Voiceless" is a collection of articles already published by him during 2012 - 2013.
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Are we humilating the father of nation?
A Dirty representative democracy in Manipur

... People's democratic rights are sold and purchased with four digit notes. Sadly, Bapuji's picture is involved in all this misbehavior and violent acts.
Are we humiliating the father of the nation by putting his picture on currency notes?
Let us not use the picture of Gandhiji for de-constructing the society and for maligning democracy. ...
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The Third Ibobi

... After a magical win in 2012 general elections, the run-up for the musical chair started. "Yes to Ibobi" was considered the number one criteria for becoming Ministers with good portfolios.. ...
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Akashvani Imphal : A Unique Vanguard Of Manipuri Culture

... Besides feeding its listeners with news, views and entertainment, Akashvani Imphal has served as a unique institution for preserving the rich art, culture and literature of different ethnic groups in Manipur. During the last fifty years, Imphal station of All India Radio has dearly nursed, nourished, preserved and enriched the composite Manipuri culture and literature ...
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Shumang Lila : The Media With A Difference

... THE ORIGIN of Shumang Lila may be traced from as early as 400 BC or 2400 years back from today, as it is originated from the Lai Haraoba festival, in which the tradition of 'Tangkhul Nurabi Loutaba' is performed on the night of the last day of the festival as an important ritualistic part. ...
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Hero Worship : Post-poll Mindset Of The Leaders And Our Electorate

... In the post-election scenario, elected leaders who are dear to the chief minister are true leaders of the people ... Before elections, all were valued. After elections, only a few are valued. This is representative democracy in Manipur ....
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Lai Haraoba : The Universe Of Knowledge

... The credit for the Manipuris being able to excel in various games and sports must go to the institution of Lai Haraoba. where a variety of indigenous games are still preserved for posterity, Mukna, Khong Kangjei, Sagol Kangjei, Chenjong-Mangjong, Lamjel, Thang-Ta, Boat Race etc. are parts of Lai Haraoba ceremony ....
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Vote For My Wife : Is It Women Empowerment?

... Strong need to empower the better-halves of the community brings forth seat reservations for women in local government bodies. The ideal is that women will have their say in governance, they will advocate their needs and they will strive for their fulfillment. However. the reality is that men still take part in huge power sharing behind the women reservations theory ....
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You can buy this book at: NE Bazaar

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