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About the author of "Who is a Terrorists?" - Soyam Lokendrajit

He did his doctoral research under the UGC Faculty Improvement Programme at the University of Calcutta from 1977 up to 1981. He worked with Dr. Sachindra Nath Ganguly and Professor Rama Prasad Das on the problem of freedom and necessity in human action. Calcutta University awarded him Ph.D degree in 1983. His published books are- The Problem Of Freedom And Necessity In Human Action 1987), Knowledge And Justification (1991), Philosophical Reflections (1997), Why AFSPA Should Be Repealed (2004), Apomba Manglan (a collection of poems in Manipuri, 1979).
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On Who a Terrorist is

Inscrutable are the ways of definition. In most cases we allow the strong to define what is what and get away with the consequences.
... Destruction of artefacts' is also violence. Artefacts embody human creativity and as such, violation of artefacts' is as good as violation of human nature that creates them.
On the other hand, let us further suppose that social justice is on the side of revolution. But the revolutionary use of violence lacks legal legitimation.
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This book is first published at Imphal in 2013 by:
WABA Publications, Moirang Kampu, Imphal East

Marketed and Distributed by:
NE Brothers Moirangkhom Keithel, Imphal West

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You can buy this book at: NE Bazaar

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