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The string of essays spread over a decade is now a humble offering to my compatriots and comrades dreaming for a world of freedom beyond Error. Our human nature shares a common concern. One, the discovery of man as the centre of infinite possibilities making the enigmatic thrust beyond the horizons. Two, the counterforce of inertia embedded in our mundane everyday existence that reduces us to a permanent "is-ness", and conceals our human essence from revelation. Freedom manifests infinite possibilities. Terror is the counterforce of inertia poised against freedom. Man's journey to what lies beyond the horizons can and must overcome terror. How an addition of one more book can be of help in man's fight against terror, I don't claim to know. But I will consider my labour generously rewarded if at the end of journey readers feel the imperative of raising the thematic question again: WHO IS A TERRORIST?

Professor Noam Chomsky who represents conscience of the century is for me one unfailing source of intellectual and humane inspiration.

My revered teacher, Dr. Sachindra Nath Ganguly who taught me freedom from fear while expanding the borders of one's own thought, is my other perennial inspiration. A young lass from Manipur, a poet and a social activist who is undergoing mortification of the flesh for more than decade to light up the eternal spirit of protest, is the one to whom I am dedicating my humble book. I know I am appropriating the honour; I also frankly confess my own doubts on the worth of my book to deserve the honour.

EEVFAM has created a history of legal resistance to State terror. Their narrative is a running commentary on State terrorism. Readers will find that I have taken immense help from the narrative they have woven. Words fail to express my admiration. I can only tell in a classic inversion of Shakespeare; "Firmness! Thy name is Manipuri women".

I owe a lot to my friends with whom I had academic interactions. I thank Dr. Laimayum Bishwanath Sharma, Dr, N.Jiten Singh (Bobby), Shri Leitanthem Umakanta Meitei and Ms. Ngahpi Lhouvum for valuable debates we had on AFSPA.

I also thank Professor Naorem Sanajaoba who gave some very valuable materials on AFSPA.

My boundless thanks goes to the people of Manipur and Manipuri mothers whose heroic struggle against AFSPA is now an inalienable part of our history. The Indian Philosophical Congress, a national and international congress of philosophers provide the ideal forum for discussion on many of the ideas embedded in the present work. I remain ever grateful to the IPC.

The Indian Council for Philosophical Research, New Delhi and the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla provided material and logistic support for much of the researches needed. I remain ever grateful to these two world classs academic institutions.

My wife Sorojini whose unenviable destiny it has brcome to suffer a man of philosophy sustain the present work by imposing a strict regimen of boiled vegetables and a one hour morning walk daily. I don't know how to thank her.
Abandoning myself to the compassion of my readers.

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