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Foreword by Prof. Naorem Joykumar Singh

The society always moves forward in a positive direction only when the people are able to get new ideas and knowledge. Learning and teaching are inseparable parts of the life of human beings. Through this natural system, the people are able to promote their vision and ideas. In this process, the people always try to move forward by passing through many difficult ways of trial and error. However, they have been able to overcome all sorts of difficult and dangerous situations with the help of new information, vision and mindset which they have received both from outside and inside of their arena. In this respect, the society requires to get new information and new idea through various means.

Here, we find the relevancy and importance of the work of Seram Neken, particularly in the context of Manipur. It is a known fact that now the people of Manipur are passing through a very critical stage. Confusions are prevailing in every arena of the society. Because of this condition, they are not able to give any type of correct assessment on every issue of society. Under such circumstances, some section of society even started to put a very big question on the issues whether Manipur would be able to maintain her distinctive historical identity or not.

Shri Neken's work entitled "State, Society & Governance" contains fifty articles on various issues of the society. He has divided his work into six categories i.e Society and Governance, Communication and Education, Environment, Women and Children, Health & Drug, and Culture and Tradition. Though he divided the work into five issues, his main thrust is on nature and character of the governance in the state. It is a fact that in the democratic system of administration, the role of political leadership is the key factor for the improvement and development of society. In his writing, he is able to give a very good pen picture about the lack of transparency in administration, corruption and injustice promoted by the political leadership of the state which affects the whole body of society. He also portrays a clear picture of the deteriorating and unhealthy conditions which have been created by the political leadership of the state in the field of education and environment etc. Apart from this, he also explained in detail about the condition of women and children prevailing in the social and political life of the state.

As a whole, Seram Neken's work is a very good attempt in the process of giving new idea and hope to the people of the state. It is a very brave and courageous effort on his part. I hope in future also, he will write such type of work in the interests of the people of Manipur.

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