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About Seram Neken, the author

Seram Neken

As a student of Journalism and a freelance Journalist, Seram Neken has been writing feature articles for the media particularly local English newspapers for over a decade. He worked in the Manipur News Daily as Subeditor for about four years from 1994 to 1997. He was also the Editor of the ECHO, quarterly journal of Manipur University Students' Union during 1997-98.

While he was working in the Manipur State AIDS Control Society from 1999 to 2008, Seram Neken participated in the planning and execution of communication strategies for prevention against HIV and AIDS. He edited the quarterly publications of Manipur State AIDS Control Society - "AIDS Alert" and "MACS News".

As a fellow of R.K Maipaksana Journalist Fellowship 2010-2011, the author contributed around 30 articles on social, political, cultural and economic issues to the Hueiyen Lanpao English Daily. His articles have also been published in the Sangai Express English daily, the Imphal Free Press, the Hueiyen Lanpao English daily etc. and webcasted in the news websites such as e-pao, kanglaonline, gomanipurand merinews.

Seram Neken also writes scripts for Radio and Television documentaries. His Radio musical feature entitled "Eikhoina Soidana Ngamlani" based on AIDS won the Akashvani Award 2007. Another radio feature of the author entitled "Meekap Thorakpa Ngaikhini" based on child labour also bagged Akashvani Merit Award in 2010. His latest radio documentary broadcast by All India Radio, Imphal is "Nilhanlasi Lamjaose, Mandilagi Khonjelna" based on promotion of Bicycles use for environment protection. The present work 'STATE, SOCIETY & GOVERNANCE' is a reproduction of fifty articles on various themes written by him and already published in local newspapers.

A later collection called "Voice of the Voiceless" is also available from the same author.

From the desk of the author:

I am neither a social scientist nor a journalist in the real sense. My passion to write and express emergent feelings at various moments led me to contribute feature articles to the media. As a hobby, I took up the profession of writing for the media with my limited knowledge and scant experience. These articles are simply an expression of the personal views I held from time to time on various aspects of the society.

Although these few selected write-ups from my end lack indebt study and analysis worthy of being called a good article, I have decided to publish them as a book so as to invite comments, reviews and criticisms from the readers for further development. The present book, a reproduction of fifty articles already published in local newspapers, is just an outcome of learning and observations at my individual level at various points of time. During the process of reproduction as a book, the original articles have been duly modified. Readers may perceive the statistics provided in some of the articles in accordance with the datelines of publication mentioned beneath each article. I request the readers to readily comment, supplement and criticize the contents of the book so that it is improved accordingly in subsequent editions.

My special acknowledgements go to Professor Naorem Joykumar Singh, Head Department of History, Manipur University; and Dr. Chinglen Maisnam, Department of Economics, Manipur University for sparing their valuable time and intellect to review my articles and contribute prefaces to it. My father Shri Seram Mangi Singh, Indian Information Service (Retd.) gave his valuable suggestions and support in respect of content, presentation and publication of the articles. Others who provided valuable inputs include Ph. Gunachandra Sharma, President Manipur State Shumang Lila Council; playwright Chana Lukhoi; playwright Rupachandra Gosh, Dr L. Tomcha Khuman, Deputy Director of Manipur State AIDS Control Society and Dr. Kh Gourashyam, Centre for study of social exclusion & Inclusive Policy, Manipur University.
I also thank Mr. Bobo Maibarn, who designed the book cover and contributed photographs for it. My gratitude goes to Mr. A. C Netrajit, Secretary Ashangba Communication, Mr. W. Somorendra, Proprietor of Perfect Computer, my family members, relatives and friends who physically and morally supported me in turning my dream of publishing the book into a reality.

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