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The matters with Respect to which the Dominion Legislature may make Laws for this State.

A. Defence

1. The naval, military and air forces of the Dominion and any other armed force raised or maintained by the Dominion; any armed forces, including forces raised or maintained by an acceding State, which are attached, to or operating with, any of the armed forces of the Dominion.
2. Naval, military and air force works, administration of cantonment areas.
3. Arms, fire-arms; ammunitions;
4. Explosives.

B. External Affairs.

1. External affairs; the implementing of treaties and agreements with other countries; extradition, including the surrender of criminals and accused person to parts of His Majesty's dominions outside India.
2. Admission into, and emigration and expulsion from, India, including in relation, thereto the regulation of the movements in India of persons who are no, British subjects domiciled in India or subject of any acceding State, pilgrimages to places beyond India.
3. Naturalisation.

C. Communications.

1. Posts and telegraphs, including telephones, wireless, broadcasting and other like forms of communications.
2. Federal railways; the regulation of all railways other than minor railways in respect of safety, maximum and minimum rates and fare, station and service terminal charges, interchange of traffic and the responsibility of railway administrations as carriers of goods and passengers; the regulation of minor railways in respect of safety and the responsiblity of the administrations of such railways as carriers of goods and passengers.
3. Maritime shipping and navigation including shipping and navigation on tidal waters; Admiralty jurisdiction.
4. Port quarantine.
5. Major ports, that is to say, the declaration and delimitation of such ports, and the constitution and powers of Port Authorities therein.
6. Aircraft and air navigation; the provision of aerodromes; regulation and organisation of air traffic and of aerodromes.
7. Lighthouses, including lightships, beacons and other provisions for the safety of shipping and aircraft.
8. Carriage of passengers and goods by sea or byair.
9. Extension of the powers and jurisdiction of members of the police force belonging to any unit to railway area outside that unit

D. Ancillary.

1. Elections to the Dominion Legislature, subject to the provisions of the Act and of any Order made thereunder.
2. Offences against laws with respect to any of the aforesaid matters.
3. Inquiries and statistics for the purposes of any of the aforesaid matters.
4. Jurisdiction and powers of all courts with respect to any of the aforesaid matters but, except with the consent of the Ruler of the acceding State, not so as to confer and jurisdiction or powers upon any courts other than courts ordinarily exercising jurisdiction in or in relation to that State.


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