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About the author of "State, Soceity & Governance" - Seram Neken

Seram Neken worked in a Manipur News English daily as sub-editor from 1994 to 1997. He was the editor of 'Echo', a quarterly journal of MUSU during 1997-1998. He also worked in the AIDS Control Society, MACS, from 1999-2008. This is first book (compilation of 50 articles which were already carried by various newspapers and dailies till 2011) "State, Society & Governance" was published in March 2012. Subsequently, He also published another collection of articles written by him during 2012 - 2013 into a book named "Voice of the Voiceless".
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Apocalypse Now

The author analyses the approaching 'Apocalypse' from the spread of HIV infected individuals in the North-East India in this August 2003 article.
... According to the last surveillance conducted in Manipur during Augus-October 2002, the HIV sero-prevalence among the injecting drug users, pregnant women and STD patients are 39.57 per cent, 2.4 per cent and 9.6 per cent respectively.
Heroin, which first appeared in the state in 1979-80, was widely used by youths in the early eighties. By 1984, the situation had worsened with reported crimes and vices associated with the drug abuse.
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On Teachers' Day

Oja Ibobi is not in our midst now, but his teachings are increasingly becoming relevant day by day. This article is my homage to the late teacher on teachers' day.
The importance of Teachers' Day celebration may simply be assessed from the view that teachers act as foundation for creating responsible citizens of a state and good human beings in the society. Life without teachers is unimaginable.
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Traffic Woes In Imphal City

For obvious reasons, the state police sometimes conduct hectic drives for helmet use by two-wheeler riders in the city. However, such drives are not durable in practice....

During the VVIPs or VIPs passage, the traffic police personnel including high profile police officers appear to be concerned and vigilant about smooth traffic control to show off their dutiful appearance. As soon as the VIPs leave, the public vehicles are left uncared for on the congested streets.
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