What is E-Pao! Books?

Each of us have seen enough number of books in our lives. There are those text books which tormented us, some hard bound which helped us and those paperbacks which thrilled us. Manipur has also seen its share of acedemicians, poets, prophets and story tellers. Our history has an ample collection of books in its annals. Many will come too!

While there are many an interesting books out there in Manipur, many of us miss them. it could be because we are not always updated with new publications; or maybe its not available at the city we are residing at the moment. E-Pao! has started a new sub-site dedicated to books. We would be trying to bridge this gap and bring you the book itself or insights about it.

New book

Who Is A Terrorist? - by Soyam Lokendrajit

Professor Soyam Lokendrajit worked with Dr. Sachindra Nath Ganguly and Professor Rama Prasad Das on the problem of freedom and necessity in human action. Calcutta University awarded him Ph.D degree in 1983. His first teaching career was as a Lecturer in Manipuri and a part-time Lecturer in Philosophy in Cachar College from 1971. He was then recruited as a Lecturer in philosophy by Manipur Public Service Commission in the year 1973, served D.M College from 1973 up to 1991. A faculty member of Manipur University since 1986, Professor Soyam is presently the Head, Department of Philosophy, Manipur University.

New Book

State, Society & Governance - by Seram Neken

Seram Neken's work entitled "State, Society & Governance" contains fifty articles on various issues of the society. He has divided his work into six categories i.e Society and Governance, Communication and Education, Environment, Women and Children, Health & Drug, and Culture and Tradition. Though he divided the work into five issues, his main thrust is on nature and character of the governance in the state.

Earlier book with updated articles

Voice of the Voiceless - by Seram Neken

The weekly column of Mr Seram Neken, 'The Voiceless speaks' in the Hueiyen Lanpao English daily, arouses a curiosity among the readers on the things the speaker talks about.
This book is a collection of articles already published during 2012-2013.

Featured book

The Status Of Manipur (1823-1947) - Written by Dr. Y. Mohendra Singh. - Added Author's Note and historical documents

This book described in minute details on the happenings in Manipur from a historical point from the year 1823 till 1947 when Manipur was merged into the Union of Manipur. There are also historical document on Merger Agreement, Letter dated 29.6.1947 by some Darbar members to Political Agent, Manipur .. et al.

We have listed the Table of content (ToC) for each of the volumes so as to give you an impression of the contents of the book. The entire book is now avaliable for viewing in this sub-site. The author is Dr. Y. Mohendra Singh.

Featured book

New insights into the glorious Heritage of Manipur - compiled by Dr. H. Dwijashekhar Sharma
- Added a new paper on the role of Women in the history of Manipur

This book was released on 22nd Dec 2008.

This book is a compendium of 18 insightful articles/papers on various topics about Manipur's history and arts which runs into 3 volumes. The author of each of the paper is a well known academician and are themselves an expert of their topics.

We have listed the Table of content (ToC) for each of the volumes so as to give you an impression of the contents of the book. We would also be featuring 3 of the articles from the compendium. The author of the compendium is Dr H. Dwijashekhar Sharma ([email protected]).

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