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The Historical, Archaeological, Religious & Cultural Significance Of 'Kangla':
The Ancient Citadel Of Manipur

The legendary `Kangla' complex had been the capital of Manipur from the very ancient times down to 1891. Its present remains would show that it used to enclose the old royal palace-cum-citadel right since the reign of the legendary Pakhangba who ascended the throne in 33 A.D according to Cheitharol Kumbaba, the royal chronicle of Manipur... - more details -

The Synthesizing Role of The I.N.A. Martyrs' Memorial:
Moirang & The Indo-Japanese Peace Cenotaph: Lotpaching (Red Hills)

... a special emissary brought a message from Netaji appealing to the leaders and workers of the Indian National Congress, social activists in particular and to the people of Manipur in general to extend unreserved support to the Indo-Japanese personnel who had crossed the Indo-Burmese border and reached Manipur. The message was brought from Chamol (INA Advance Camp) by one Kuki named Lungdim and handed over to Dr. Gulapchand Singh, the then Medical Officer posted at Sugnu. It was then passed on to Thokchom Angou Singh of Singjamei, Imphal. And the leaders and workers of Nikhil Manipuri Mahasabha who had identical ideas with Netaji welcomed the appeal of Netaji. Being a princely state, Manipur was not allowed to form the Congress party and in particular Gandhiji was not even allowed to enter Manipur. Hence the Nikhil Manipuri Mahasabha was the only proactive political party in the then Manipur... - more details -

The Transcendental Role Of Women In Manipur History

... On 12th December 1939 several hundred women came to the State Office and "insisted upon the President of Durbar, Mr. T. A. Sharpe, to forbid the export of rice. Mr. Sharpe pointed out that such an order would require the sanction of His Highness the Maharaja who was then camping at Nabadwip. The milling women still pressurized Mr. Sharpe to send an immediate wire to the Maharaja ...
Politically, the 1939 women were more aware of the British colonial design in the state than the 1904 women... - more details -

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