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The Synthesizing Role of The I.N.A. Martyrs' Memorial: Moirang & The Indo-Japanese Peace Cenotaph: Lotpaching (Red Hill)

Manindra Singh Mairembam

11. Freedom-Fighters Enshrined in the INA-Memorial Complex:

All through the movement hundreds of thousand people have sacrificed their lives for vindication of people's inalienable right to freedom and independence. Earlier kings used to lead them, but later on they themselves came out in their mass struggle on nonviolent lines for the glorious noncooperation phase of the freedom struggle. On the top of it all, such mass awakening has been so spontaneous and widespread all over the nationhood that even the Britishers were either awestruck or spellbound and ultimately retreated. Their invaluable services cannot be vividly depicted or represented in terms of anything tangible. Only for want of a better term, they have been most commonly regarded as 'freedom-fighters', although their services cannot be ranked as nothing less than 'saviours of hard-earned freedom'.

Even so, many of these survivors relished being so designated in their after-lives, because various state-level associations of freedom-fighters have come up with even an apex association, then headed by the staunchest living ex-INA personnel like Sheel Bhadra Yajeeji, to mention just a name. All survivors and veterans of the great freedom war had during their lifetime not only seen to it that the Moirang complex be raised but to hold out the cherished name of INA by regularly attending commemorative meetings of the flag-hoisting there , fondly recalling whatever the invincible Netaji used to cherish as long as they were physically fit.

Table No.10-3:
Districtwise List of Freedom-Fighters: Manipur:

Sl. No. Name & Address:


1. Shri Sinam Chaoba Singh, Sega Road, Leimajam Leikai,
2. Shri T Lamphel Singh, Top Iril Mapal, Imphal;
3. Shri Khangin Kuki, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
4. Shri Th. Angou Singh, Singjamei Thokchom Leikai, Imphal;
5. Shri S. Ibohal Singh, Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai, Imphal;
6. Shri P. Tomal Singh, Chinga Makha, Ningthoujam Leikai,
7. Shri Laishram Irabot Singh, Keishampat Mutum Leirak,
8. Shri L. Kanhai Singh, Segalambi, Jailor Leirak, Imphal;
9. Shri M. Amuba Singh, Meino Leirak, Imphal;
10. Shri Irom Tombi Singh, Liwa Khongsangbam Leikai, Imphal;
11. Shri Kh. Jugeshar Singh, Thangmeiband, Imphal;
12. Shri Palet, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
13. Shri Bedagarbha Sharma, Sagolband Maisnam Leikai,Imphal;
14. Shri Darbar Singh, Air Transport Corpn., M G Ave., Imphal;
15. Shri L. Nabadwip Singh, Keisampat Leimajam Leikai, Imphal;
16 . Shri Gostha Behari Das Chowdhury, Jiribam,
17. Shri Mangkhohen Kuki, Old Lambulane, Imphal;
18. Smt Salamongbi Rajmubi Devi, Chingmeiraong, Imphal;
19. Shri Madan Mohan Singh, New Chekon, Imphal;
20 . Smt Parul Rani Chowdhury, Keishampat, Imphal;
21. Shri S. Hemkholet Kuki, New Lambulane, Imphal;
22. Shri Otkhosei Haokip, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
23. Shri Onkholet Kuki, New Lambulane, Imphal;
24. Shri Ngemjathang Touthang, Longa Koireng, Imphal;
25. Shri Tinsie Haokip, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
26. Shri Setkam Kuki, Imphal District;
27. Shri Letkhopao Haokip, New Lambulane, Imphal;
28. Shri Akhup Kom,K.R.Lane, Imphal District;
29. Shri O. Jugeshor, Khwai Nagamapal, Imphal;
30. Shri Naki Ahmad Choudhury, Kaikhu, Imphal;
31. Shri Sardar Mukhtiar Singh Gill, Dewlaland, Imphal;
32. Shri Haothang Kuki, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
33. Shri Haokhothang Kuki, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
34. Smt Tingkholhai Kunini, New Lambulane, Imphal;
35. Shri L. D. Moireng Kuki, Imphal;
36. Shri Thangkholet Haokip, New Lambulane, Imphal;
37. Shri Tolkhothang Kuki, Basic Training, Imphal;
38. Shri Tongkholun Kuki, New Lambulane, Imphal;
39. Shri Nguljangam Haokip, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
40. Shri Salet Kuki, Haokip Veng, Imphal;
41. Smt Ningjavei (alias) Avei Hangshing, Imphal;
42. Shri Haokhongam Kuki, Nayang A/P Haokip Veng, Imphal;


1. Shri Dinesh Chandra Acharya, Serou, Thoubal District;
2. Shri S. Churachand Singh, Serou, Thoubal District.


1. Shri Holkhongjang Kuki, Somtal Village;
2. Shri Nehkhothang Haokip, Wayang Village;
3. Shri Letkhothang Kuki, Songjang Village;
4. Shri Helkhotong Haokip, Tengnoupal District;
5. Shri Hemlhun Kuki, Sita Village;
6. Shri Lamkhothang, Wayang Village;
7. Shri Luikhojang Kuki, Tudam Village;
8. Smt Hoihat Kukini, Bongyang Village;
9. Shri Shohol Kuki, Songjang Village;
10. Shri Thongkhomang Kuki, Sajik Tampak Village;
11. Shri Somkho Haokip, Thamlapokpi village;
12. Shri Yamvung Haokip, Khengang village;
13. Shri Yamkhothang Kuki, Molcham village;
14. Shri Chungkhosei Kuki, Bongjang village;
15. Smt Haongai Kukini, Songoon village;
16. Smt Ngulhem Haokip, Wayang village;
17. Shri Jamthong Lhanggun Kuki, Lonpi village;
18. Shri Jamkholet Kuki, Aihang village;
19. Shri Mangkholun Kuki, Songjang village;
20. Shri Thangkhochem Kuki, Sinam village;
21. Shri Lunkhoson Kuki, Nongli village;
22. Shri Onkhosei alias Onsei Haokip, Molnom village;
23. Shri Holjang Kuki, Tuidam village;
24. Shri Lungam Lungdim, Bongmol ampak village;
25. Shri Jamkhoson Haokip, Samkhong village;


1. Shri Houtung Kuki, Chassad, Manipur East District;
2. Shri Jamhun Kuki, Maku village;
3. Shri Lhungkhojam Kuki,Pihang village;
4. Shri Lhungkhothang Kuki, Nang village;
5. Shri Thongkhomang Kuki, Loni village;
6. Shri Thongkhongam Kuki, Aishi village;
7. Shri Yamkhosei Kuki, Chassad village;
8. Shri Yamkhojang Kuki, Maku village;
9. Shri Thangsei Kuki, Molvailup village;
10. Shri Yangkhosei Haokip, Aishi village;
11. Shri Yangkholet Kuki, Aishi village;
12. Shri Lunkhojang Kuki, Phuthel village;
13. Shri Yangkhopao Haokip, East District;
14. Shri Yamsho Kuki, Maokot village;
15. Shri K.Ringshi, Bungpa Khunou village;
16. Shri Henjathang Kuki, Aishi village;
17. Shri Lhunkhosei Kuki, Kasung village;
18. Shri Ngulkhohem Kuki, Chassad village;
19. Shri Thangjadong Kuki, Lakhan Khuman;
20. Shri Hemkholet Kuki, Khoikai village;
21. Shri Lenghao Kuki, Litan village;
22. Shri Thongkhomang Kuki, Kultu village;
23. Shri Haopao Kuki, Kachoubung village;
24. Shri Lunhem Kuki, Lakhan village;
25. Shri Hangkhopao Kuki, Jallenbung village;
26. Shri Khupjalam alias Pavon Chassad;
27. Shri Jangkhosei Kuki, Pihang village;
28. Shri Jamneng Haokip ,East District;
29. Shri Helkhothang Kuki, Loni village;
30. Shri Doujangam Kuki, Maku village;
31. Shri Chungkhojam Kuki, Matijang village;
32. Shri Otkhothang Kuki, Jallembung village;
33. Shri Jamkhochuing Kuki, Tusam village;
34. Shri Lhunkhosei Haokip, Pihang village;
35. Shri Mangkhup Kuki, Chamo village;
36. Shri Lhukhothong Kuki, Maokot village;
37. Smt. Nemjavei, w/o (L) Hemkholun Kuki of Manipur East district;
38. Shri Sheikhomang Kuki, Chassad village;
39. Shri Chongjangam Kuki, Pihang village;
40. Shri Jamkhothang Haokip, Manipur East;
41. Shri Helkholet Kuki, Singoba village;
42. Shri Yamlhun Kuki, Mollen village;
43. Shri Tongkhosei Haokip, Maokot village;
44. Shri Hemkholun Kuki, Phungtha village;
45. Shri Thongjam Kuki, K. Mollen village;
46. Shri Tholet Kuki, K. Mollen Village;
47. Shri Thongkholim Kuki, Matijang village;
48. Shri Shamkhumang Kuki, Ukhrul A/P New Lambulane;


1. Shri Nungkhopao, Gangpimol village;
2. Shri Ampu Kom, Khoirentak Khuman;
3. Shri Jamthang Haokip Khongmang of Gamnomphai village
4. Shri Kamhand Mate, Khongman Saiton
5. Shri Vomkhothang Haokip, Siden Village;
6. Shri Chungthong Haokip, Molnom;
7. Shri Haojathang Haokip, New Bazar;
8. Shri Pumjakam Zou, Khongphum;
9. Shri Nguljalet Haokip, Ukha Tampak;
10. Shri Ngamkhothang Haokip, Matalambulane;
11. Shri Semkhohao Haokip, Ukha Tampak;
12. Shri Letkhothang, Molnom village;
13. Shri Lhunkholet Kuki, Golmol village;
14. Shri Ngulkholet, Gangpijaing village;
15. Shri Semkhothang Haokip, Molnom;
16. Shri Onkhojang Haokip, CCP;
17. Shri LengkhothangKuki, Gamnomphai;
18. Shri Henjakhup Haokip, Mongjang;
19. Shri Sailutchung Kom, Khonomphai;
20. Shri Konkhothing Kuki, Dopkon;
21. Shri Semkholet Haokip, Molnom;
22. Shri Chunglet Kongmol village;
23. Shri Thangkhosei Kuki, Champi vil;
24. Shri Mangkhup Kuki Kanggin;
25. Shri Thangkholien Matalambulane;
26. Shri Chungkhoja Haokip, -do-


1. Shri Hemkhosei of Keithelmanbi (KPI);
2. Shri Otkhothang of Keithelmanbi (KPI);
3. Shri Pakhai of Haipi (KPI);
4. Shri Hensei of Chamari (KPI);
5. Shri Kemkhojam of Saparmeina (KPI);
6. Shri Jamsei of Haipi (KPI);
7. Shri Dangkhothang of Mongpijiang (KPI);
8. Shri Jamkhothang of Lhangsom (SKL);
9. Shri Jamkhochung of Lhangsom (SKL);
10. Shri Tongngam of Goljang (SKL);
11. Shri Ngakholun of Khonomphai (SKL);
12. Shri Lungkholet, T. Thanglun village (SKL);
13. Shri Haojalam of Tusam (SKL);
14. Shri Helkhopao of Boljang (SKL);
15. Shri Doulam of Ichaigojang village (SKL);
16. Shri Paolet of Lhangsom village (SKL);
17. Shri Khupao of Ichaigojang village (SKL),
18. Shri Otkhosei of Thingang village (SKL);
19. Shri Onjathang of Dengleng village (SKL);
20. Shri Letkhosei of Tusam village (SKL);
21. Shri Bamkhopao, Bunglung village (SKL);
22. Shri Seikhup of Ichaigojang village (SKL);
23. Shri Jangkholam of Tusam village (SKL);
24. Shri Jamkhojang, Lhangsom village (SKL);
25. Shri Jangkhosei of Gampum village (SKL);
26. Shri Tongkhojang, K. Mollen village (SKL);
27. Shri Letlun of Ihang Karong village (SKL);
28. Shri Tongkhongam, L. Koireng village (SKL);
29. Shri Jamlhun of K. Mollen village (SKL);
30. Shri Helkholet of Dengleng village (SKL);
31. Shri Semkhong of Gampum village (SKL);
32. Shri Angkhokam, Gampum village (SKL);
33. Shri Ngamjathang of Longa Koireng (SKL);
34. Shri Paokholal of Longa Koireng (SKL);
35. Shri Daojang of Ichigojang village(SKL);
36. Shri Jangkhosei, Changoubung village(SKL);
37. Shri Otkhopao of Keithelmanbi(KPI);
38. Shri Lanhing of Boljang (KPI);
39. Shri Letkhokam of G. Songlung (KPI);


1. Shri Mairembam Koireng Singh, Moirang;
2. Shri Heman Nilamani Singh, Moirang;
3. Shri Moirangthem Jatra Singh, Bishnupur;
4. Shri Mairembam Ahanbi Singh, Mairembam Leikai, Bishnupur;
5. (L) Kiyam Gopal Singh, Moirang;
6. Smt. O Keina Devi of Oinam, Bishnupur;


1. Smt. Ayekpam Ongbi Rajani Devi, w/o A Nen Singh of Sagolband,Tera keithel, Loukrakpam Leikai,Imphal;

2. Smt. Samjetsabam Ongbi Sanatombi Devi, w/o (L) Ibochouba Singh of Brahmapur, Laljit Lakpa Leikai, Imphal;

3. Smt.Laishram Ningol Leibaklei Devi of Heirangoithong Naoria Pakhanglakpa, Imphal;

4. Smt.Pebam Ongbi Chamu Devi w/o Amujao Singh, UripokSorbon Thingen, Imphal;

5. Smt.Manoharmayum Ongbi Indumukhi Devi, w/o Bihari, Khwai Nagamapal,Imphal

(Source: Manipur Today: Golden Jubilee Celebration Issue: Govt of Manipur: Imphal: 9 Aug 1992 pp.i-vi)


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