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The Synthesizing Role of The I.N.A. Martyrs' Memorial: Moirang & The Indo-Japanese Peace Cenotaph: Lotpaching (Red Hills)

Manindra Singh Mairembam

This article is the tenth chapter on the Volume II of the compendium.
The numbers given along side the contents below are the actual page numbers on the Volume II.


1. Pivotal Role of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: 477
2. Manipur in the Freedom Struggle: 481
3. 'OPERATION_U': The Imphal Campaign: 485
4. Battle of Lotpaching or The Red-Hill (R.K. 2926): 489
5. Last Bid in 'The Imphal Campaign': 491
6. Netaji's own Assessment of 'The Imphal Campaign': 495
7. Unique Place of 'Imphal' in The Freedom Struggle: 497
8. Emergence of The INA-Martyrs' Memorial Complex, Moirang: 500
9. Inception of The 'Indo-Japanese Peace Cenotaph': 502
10. International Significance of The Indo-Japanese Peace Cenotaph: 503
11. Freedom-Fighters Enshrined in The INA Memorial Complex: 505

References & Notes:
References & Further References: 513
1. Synthesizing Role of History: 514
2. Military Significance of Burma: 514
3. Genesis of The Freedom Struggle - National Spectrum: 515
4. Attitude of Southeast Asian Nations Against Colonization: 515
5. Genesis of The Freedom Struggle - Since 1904 In Manipur: 516
6. Mahatma Gandhi & Rabindranath Tagore on Netaji: 517

10-1: Estimated Loss of Japanese Soldiers In The Imphal Campaign: 491
10-2: Contributor - Governments: Construction of The INA Complex: 506
10-3: District wise List of Freedom Fighters: Manipur: 507-12
10.4: Trade between India and Southeast Asian Nations.
10-5 Towns on Stilwell Road (in Kms)

These tables are part of chapters listed above

Highlights of The Freedom Struggle & The Imphal Campaign: 518-27

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