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The Synthesizing Role of The I.N.A. Martyrs' Memorial: Moirang & The Indo-Japanese Peace Cenotaph: Lotpaching (Red Hill)

Manindra Singh Mairembam

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6. Mahatma Gandhi & Rabindranath Tagore on Netaji:

Once, the great Rabindranath Tagore is accredited in May, 1939 to have been surmised by the qualities of the Netaji on his path to higher trajectory in the freedom struggle and famously said:

"A suicidal mania seems to be prevalent in our society that takes a peculiar pleasure in sapping the strength of the country by insidious dealings and all this at a time when it should be our duty to justify our existence before the doubting gaze of the world. Wearied by the concerted conspiracy of sinister forces both outside and within, we are increasingly losing the vital power to resist them and recover from their attack."

"At such a juncture of nationwide crisis, we require the service of a forceful personality, the invincible faith of a natural born leader, who can defy the adverse fate that threatens our progress."

"Subhas Chandra, I have watched the dawn that witnessed the beginning of your political Sadhana.. "Today you are revealed in the pure light of midday sun which does not admit of apprehensions.. As I feel that you come with an errand to usher a new light of hope in our motherland, I ask you to take up the task of leader of Bengal and ask my countrymen to make it true."

Further, the great Mahatma Gandhi once reflected on the indomitable contribution and unique achievement of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose to the Indian character and the future of India and remarked:

"What ever outsiders might think I would vouch that there was no one in India today who would think that his escape was an act of crime. As Tulsidas has said no wrong attaches to the really mighty so no blame could be ascribed to Netaji's name for his escape. When he first raised his army, he did not think of its insignificant number. He thought that whatever might be the number they must endure their best to free India."

"The greatest and lasting act of Netaji was that he abolished all distinctions of caste and class. He was not a mere Bengali. He never thought himself to be a caste Hindu. He was Indian first and last. What more, he fired all under him with the same zeal so that they forgot in his presence all distinctions and acted as one man."


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