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The Transcendental Role Of Women In Manipur History

Dr. M. C. Arunkumar & Irengbam Arun

14."Mixed Double" Anecdote

"Union minister of State I.D. Swamy and his team visited Manipur on 5th July 2001 to take stock of the situation in Manipur following the June 18th 2001 (unprecedented incident, in which 18 persons were killed and many injured n the mob fury consequent on extension of NSCN(IM) Ceasefire to Manipur)."

"Due to prevailing tension, the ministerial team diverted the normal route (from Imphal airport to Raj Bhavan) and preferred to travel through the dusty Sangaiprou road. Already women in thousands have lined up the Tiddim (airport) Road stretches _ rehearsing, flexing their limbs and muscles to display some left over techniques of 18th June in the presence of the honourable minister, who arrived in Manipur much later. Women in Manipur were of the view that the honourable minister had missed the "must see" scene on the 18th June incident and it was their duty to give a lively demonstration on his arrival (three weeks after the incident for an on-the-spot recce)"

"Smelling some unlikely event the Manipur police team whisked the minister away through lanes and bylanes of Imphal and ultimately landed in Raj Bhavan. Giving his smartest salute to the minister, the eloquent liaison police officer wished the minister "Good Day Sir." The minister who knew it was not going to be a good day beamed the police officer with a scowl on his face in reluctance."

"Over a cup of tea, before the serious discussion started, the minister asked the governor in utter disbelief: "If what the women in Manipur are as virulent as they are seen today?""

"The weary Manipur governor, who had had enough of his share during the uprising replied with an intelligent smile: "Definitely Sir, they can do anything." He continued: " Moreover what you have seen today is only the women force." The minister further queried " Who else were there on 18th June?" The governor replied: "It was ferocious mixed double on 18th June Sir."

"You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there" (Edwin Louis Cole)23


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