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New Insights into the Glorious Heritage of Manipur

Editor of the compendium: Dr. H. Dwijasekhar Sharma

About the Editor: Dr. H. Dwijasekhar Sharma

Perambulating from European Unions's economic integration in his doctoral research, he noticed the incongruence of 'vulnerable' North-East India, of which Manipur an enclave microstate virtually limping from econocide since colonial days, and still deprived of its due share in three revolutions: industrial, information-technology (IT) and globalization (market). Hitherto lying 'unspoilt' the NE region's biodiversity - itself ethno-culturally more aligned to South-East Asia - now offer unprecedented prospects during Ban ki-Moon's 'green economic revolution' in the 21st century.

His mantra both while teaching in (D.M.College, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade & Manipur University) and practising economics (2nd Manipur Pay Commission, 1st Manipur Finance Commission, Consultant, Manipur Sericulture Project, etc) is the need to confront change as the only way to survive. His first love is: how to transform identity-torn 'necessitous men' into 'economic men' by eliminating deprivation; and by regenerating peaceable, healthy and creativity-driven NE Indians in a congenial environment, thus contouring as the best fitment of a 'bridgehead' (after Ancient Silk Road) to the upcoming East Asian Community: ASEAN + 3 (China, Korea & Japan) + 3 (India, Australia & N. Zealand) - itself an 'economic powerhouse' in an increasingly oligopsonistic (a la fossil fuel) global market.


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