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The Historical, Archaeological, Religious & Cultural Significance Of 'Kangla': The Ancient Citadel Of Manipur

Pandit N.Khelchandra Singh

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Table No. 2-4:
Traditional Colours for Different Salai/Clan Members:

As per tradition, even the salai/clan members would be using the same colour in day-to-day life, although for ceremonial occasions women would wear a customary dress. In pana kangjei (polo) these colours must be worn by the players. Even male and female of same clan/salai have different prescriptions:

Salai/Clan: Male: Female:
1. Mangang/ 1 Angangba 1. Thambal Leikhok Ningthouja (red) (lotus colour)
2. Luwang 2. Angouba 2.Higok Langhou (white) (blue)
3. Khuman 3. Amuba 3.Kumjingbi (black) (blackish)
4. Angom 4.Hangam Mapal 4. Langhou (yellow) (white)
5. Moirang 5. Heikha Apatpa 5.Hangam Mapal (dark tan) (yellow)
6. Khaba Nganba 6. Higok machu 6.Chigonglei (blue) (deep yellow)
7. Leisangthem 7.Ashangba 7. Loirang (green) (off white)

(Source: Compiled by the Editor from relevant annals )

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